Been looking into Chromebooks since the kiddo uses one at school. Apparently Thin is back In, clients that is. To be honest it makes a lot of sense, especially at the school level. Kids are not assigned individual chromebooks, they simply access the ones in the classroom or library. They are free from lugging a device class to class, which means they are less likely to damage or lose it.

The kiddo already has a 2010 Macbook Air thats actually in great shape. The only thing is next to the iPad she barely uses it. And to be honest, most of todays chromebook do look eerily similar to a 2010 Macbook Air anyway ;-) So with a lot of help from a company called Neverware we will convert that bad boy into a chromebook. Neverware provides tools to organization to re purpose their older hardware and use them as chromebooks via chromium OS project, the open source version of chrome os. They provide distributions for PC and Mac to create a USB stick. The great part here is that you can simply boot off the USB to take it for a spin, and then install it locally with a few clicks, no shell or dd required.

chromebook air